About Us

Dias Law Firm, Inc. began with one man, one attorney who wanted the people he represented to know they were more than just a client, they were family; and that they weren’t just hiring an attorney; they were gaining a partner who was as invested in their success as he was in his own.

No longer the one-man operation it used to be, in the 20 years since Michael A. Dias founded the practice, Dias Law Firm, Inc. has and continues to successfully grow. Today Dias Law Firm, Inc. operates across several fields of law and serves clients across the Central Valley, United States and Internationally.

The success the Firm enjoys is predicated on the belief that was at the root of its foundation: an unrelenting pursuit of the truth.

“Despite our growth and success one thing that remains as true today as it was then, whether you are an individual, a small business or a corporation, you are more than just a client to us, you are family and we will provide you with legal representation that is unsurpassed.”