Leonardo D. Piceno


Leonardo D. Piceno, a native of Kings County, brings a deep-rooted connection to his work and clients. Being raised in the small town of Armona, he embodies a genuine understanding of the community.

Leonardo’s educational journey led him to Cal Poly Humboldt, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, specializing in Public Relations. With a passion for storytelling and writing, he went on to earn a Juris Doctorate from the esteemed San Joaquin College of Law. Leonardo’s diverse background equips him with the unique perspective and a strong foundation to serve his clients effectively.

Leonardo has cultivated a broad spectrum of knowledge across various practice areas. His experience encompasses civil litigation, contract law, education law, eminent domain, employment law, real estate law, and transactional law. This comprehensive expertise allows him to effectively navigate complex legal challenges and provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of his clients.

Before transitioning into the legal profession, Leonardo worked in marketing and IT departments with various organizations. In the marketing realm, his focus revolved around fostering collaboration with cross-functional teams to shape brand messaging, nurturing client relationships, and providing oversight to ensure weekly objectives were achieved within other departments. In the IT domain, Leonardo took charge of ensuring up-to-date account information on databases, meticulously reviewing data for any discrepancies, and meticulously processing account source documents.

Leonardo’s ability to promote transparency has progressed throughout his educational career, now complemented by his legal education and professional experience. Leonardo has effectively applied these skills by contributing his writing expertise to a diverse range of organizations, including non-profit organizations, government entities, and private firm/corporations.