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Employers: Do You Have to Reclassify Your Independent Contractors in 2020?









The new year is fast-approaching and employers should be aware that several new labor and employment laws will become effective when the clock strikes midnight and the last of the confetti falls.  In fact, the California legislature and Governor Newsom passed several significant laws this year that will go into effect on January 1, 2020. (more…)

California’s New DUI Law and Ignition Interlock Devices








An ignition interlock device is a blood alcohol testing device similar to a breathalyzer that is wired into a vehicle’s ignition system. The device requires a breath sample from the driver in order to start the engine. (more…)

Living In A Social Media World: How Social Media Can Cause a Business to Be in Violation of the Law

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Over the past decade, social media and its numerous platforms have grown exponentially.  While social media, undoubtedly, has its perks, it has proven to have a number of pitfalls. (more…)

Settling Divorce Actions Between Military Service Members by Default










The Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA) is a federal law (50 U.S.C. §§ 3901-4043) that provides a wide range of benefits and protections to those in military service.  The SCRA also provides certain benefits and protections to dependents and, in certain instances, to those who co-signed a loan for, or took out a loan with, a servicemember.  (more…)

Modifying an Irrevocable Trust: An Introduction to California’s Uniform Trust Decanting Act








Generally, an irrevocable trust, by its terms, is one that cannot be modified.  However, the Probate Code identifies limited circumstances in which modification is allowed, (more…)

Can an Employer Be Found Liable For The Sexual Harassment of Its Employees By Customers or Clients?

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When one thinks of sexual harassment at work, the visual that comes to mind is a boss or co-worker being the offender.  However, a customer or client may be the person treating the worker improperly. Depending on the situation, reporting such issues to management may be even more difficult than reporting on a supervisor or co-worker. (more…)

Drug Testing for Parents in Family Court

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When parents divorce or partners separate and children are involved, custody often becomes an issue.  As such, the court’s main concern is the best interest of the child.  Many factors can be considered by the courts, including substance and alcohol abuse. (more…)

New Changes to Response Times for Unlawful Detainer Actions

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In California, when a landlord wants a tenant to vacate their leased premises, a landlord may have to have court involvement and file an unlawful detainer (“UD”) action to have the tenant removed.  A UD action can be initiated for a variety of things, but the most common actions stem from the tenant failing to follow a provision of their lease. (more…)

Wage and Hour Expanded – Do You Owe Your Salaried Employees Overtime?

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There’s a commonly held belief among both employers and employees that salaried employees are not entitled to be paid overtime, however, this isn’t always true. In fact, the amount you have to pay an overtime exempt employee from year-to-year has probably changed a lot since the last time you thought about making your valued employee a salary man (or woman!). (more…)

What Happens to Our Pets During Divorce?

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Going through a divorce can be a difficult process. No one enjoys dividing their property and it is especially emotional discussing custody plans for your children, but what about your family pet(s)? Because California is a community property state, the courts recognize pets as personal property and when a couple divorce, each spouse is entitled to half the value of the animal. (more…)

Post Judgment Relief in Criminal Matters, Part One

Everyone makes mistakes…but they don’t have to stay on your record forever. Many criminal defendants who are charged with crimes spend a lot of time and effort to fight the case. However, the fight does not end when the criminal defendant is convicted. (more…)

Wage and Hour Claims


As an employer, state and federal laws establish how much an employee can work and how an employee must be compensated for those hours worked. Failing to follow these laws allows an employee to sue the employer, and in some instances, the employer could be subjected to civil and/or criminal penalties. (more…)